What is a thickness gauge, and how to determine the thickness of the car paint?

You do not need to be a professional reseller to determine if the car is “beat up” or not, before buying. You can detect painted defects of the body of the vehicle with a device called a thickness gauge. With its help it is easy to determine the thickness of the paint coating on the car. Let’s understand how to use the thickness gauge and how to quickly learn about the past of the car. And if the car has long been covered with rust, it is easier to use the service scrap for cars cash.

First, you should pay attention to the fact that most car brands have a factory paint layer size of 0.7-1.8 millimeters. In case the device displays readings within these limits, you can be sure – the car is intact. If the vehicle has been in an accident, the thickness gauge will show a value that is much more than two millimeters.

Today, a huge number of different types of thickness gauges are produced. Their work is based on different principles of assessing paint thickness. To understand which of them are the most practical, let’s consider the types of devices:

Electromagnetic – practical and reliable devices, they have high measurement accuracy. Among the disadvantages can be noted a good quality of readings for iron-containing surfaces, and non-ferrous metals to these devices to measure are not amenable to measurement.
Vortex-current – capable of measuring the coating of any metal, but only with increased thermal conductivity. They have excellent accuracy, for example, for metals such as aluminum.
Ultrasonic – the most versatile of all those on the market. They perform calculations on all metal surfaces, as well as on plastic, ceramic and composite materials. Thus, they determine the amount of coating on bumpers, carbon inserts and other decorative elements. These devices are suitable for professional workshops, because their cost is quite high.

How to use the thickness gauge?

To correctly assess the condition of the body, it is necessary to attach the central part of the device to all the elements on the perimeter of the car. And it is worth measuring all parts one by one in at least three places. If the value of the indicators is higher than the norm, approved by the manufacturer, it is necessary to increase the number of points to measure and according to the layer of putty applied to determine the area of damage.

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