Tinting of car windows and its types

The legislation is very strict about tinting of glass. This is often for the reason that because of too strong tinting people often get into accidents, and the authorities are deprived of the opportunity to catch and punish criminals. A badly wrecked car can be taken for recycling, using the service scrap my car brampton.

Tinting is necessary, albeit in small quantities. But why? According to the specialists of Bogdan Auto Holding national automobile dealer, mainly because it successfully performs the function of ultraviolet rays, preventing the penetration of ultraviolet rays into the salon of the car. And thanks to the toning, the driver is not blinded by the sun, and he can better cope with the steering of the car. Due to the tightening of the law, recently, new different types of tinting are being resorted to. They are less intensive, but they provide good protection from the sun. And what are these types of tinting, we will tell you below.

Tinting: the main types.

1. tinting. This is the way in which tinting is applied in factory conditions. Such tinting is usually a light green or blue shade. Darkening of the tint does not exceed 25%, so it is not actually noticeable. But its advantage is that it is not subject to fading with time and will not be exposed to detergents. In addition, the prices of automobile glass is quite affordable for the budget of any motorist.
2. Spraying. With this technique, a small layer of polymer is sprayed on the inside of the glass. This method is good by the fact that it is fast and convenient. But the effect of this coating is short-lived. It can be easily washed off and deformed, especially in frosty weather, not to mention the chemical agents used to wash the glass. Therefore, this type of tinting is practically not used.3. tinting with a film. At the moment there are special standards that prohibit intensive tinting with a film. But technology does not stop at one place. Most drivers resort to using athermal films. These are films, which do not have intensive color and may be transparent, but at the same time they absorb up to 50-60 % of ultraviolet rays and keep the optimum climate in the salon, in which there is no air conditioner. In addition, additional installation of auto glass is not required here. Plus, such a film is a protective mechanism for the driver and passengers in the cabin of his car, because it keeps the broken glass in case of a strong impact.
Anyway, tinting your car windshield, especially the windshield, is necessary. It is not superfluous to protect yourself and your eyes from unnecessary radiation and glaring headlights.

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