Selection and purchase of necessary motorcycle equipment

Uniforms designed specifically for motorcyclists have a stylish and attractive appearance. Its various model styles are created, which allows you to buy motorcycle outfit with the expectation of a wide range of preferences. However, in addition to attractiveness, it should also have protective properties, which is especially important for any motorcyclist. You can get money for a wrecked motorcycle here:

How to choose motorcycle protective clothing

The range of modern motorcycle equipment is quite rich. But what parameters should be considered when choosing protective clothing? Basically, they are as follows:

– The anticipated weather conditions under which it will be used;

– seasonality: winter or summer protection has some differences;

– roads and preferred routes;

– experience and experience behind the wheel of a motorcycle;

– the style used and the manner of driving;

– the material of the garment (e.g., as opposed to textile, is longer-lasting and much more reliable);

– inserts that provide additional protection.
Types of equipment

In stores that specialize specifically in motorcycle equipment, you can find protective clothing of many different kinds:

1. Sports. It is presented by a separate or integral race overalls, designed for use by professionals in terms of special routes.
2. tourist. This type of protective motorcycle clothing is distinguished by better ventilation, making it the most optimal on long trips.
3. Urban. This variant is the most common and has a variety of styles and styles of design.

Used materials

In modern biker suits manufacturers use two types of materials:

1. outfit made of leather. It is considered a classic and appeared at the same time as the motorcycle itself. It combines high quality indicators, as well as durability and excellent reliability. But it also has its own disadvantages. For example, it requires special care, it dries for a long time, and in warm weather it is stuffy.
2) textile motorcycle outfit. Compared with the leather, textile outfit is cheaper, has less weight and is quite reliable, but inferior to her protective properties.
Elements of protection

Getting quality and reliable motorcycle clothing is an important part of preparing for a motorcycle trip. What do you need first?

– A motorcycle helmet to protect the head which may be of the following types: full face (with chin protection), flip-up (with a folding chin), cross (reinforced part at the chin and an eye visor) or open;

– motorcycle jacket with arm protection for the abdomen, chest and back, neck;

– pants to protect the legs;

– gloves to protect the hands;

– special shoes (urban, off-road or sport shoes depending on the intended movement of the motorcyclist).

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