Learning how to use car shampoo

It’s not uncommon for car owners to wash their cars with dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, and other chemicals not suited for this purpose. This leads to the formation of micro scratches on the paint layer due to the abrasive particles in their composition.

Specially for washing

cars, the producers of car chemistry produce a special shampoo. They act on the body of the vehicle with gentleness and give an abundant foam. Car shampoo does not contain abrasives or cleaning crystals, so it is safe for paint. But trying to wash a car that has been covered in several layers of rust is a fool’s errand. It’s better to come here: https://scrapmycarnear.me/service-areas/scrap-my-car-etobicoke/.

There are several options for auto shampoos:

for removing dirt and grease from painted areas of the car;
for washing the interior.
After applying the car shampoo, dirt is removed from the surface of the vehicle and a protective film remains that protects against scratches and gives the car a shine.

In the case of washing the interior, the thick foam effectively removes dirt from the inner surfaces of the car.

There are car shampoos for different tasks:

pink preparations remove polish, so they are used before polishing the car;
gels are particularly viscous and are suitable for washing glass and car surface

s, but they do not wash away the polish layer.

Before using car shampoo, carefully read the instructions for it. Some need to be diluted with water. And do not go overboard with the dosage of the shampoo itself. Usually you need

3-4 tablespoons of the substance.

The following brands are popular on the market:

Turtle Wax;


Black Magic;
Wash your car twice a week to protect the paintwork. Do not clean the body with a sponge, it traps the dust and dirt that, like sandpaper, scratches the paint. A soft cloth will do the job.

After shampooing, thoroughly wipe the body of the car and hose off the foam with water.

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