These tips are given to motorists not in order to wean them from using the usual detergents for the car, but what to do when they suddenly ran out and there is no store near where they can be purchased. This situation happens especially often on the road. It would seem that for the trip, everyone has provided for what needs to be purchased. In fact, it turns out that a lot was missed. For example, you didn’t contact a company that specializes in junk my cars etobicoke.

The following tips belong to the category “not for permanent use”, but only in case nothing else can be applied. Do not forget also that you are not alone on the planet Earth, and therefore in an emergency situation, before putting experiments on your car, it is better to first ask for help from other drivers or local residents.

If it is not possible to find either of them, then you will have to get out on your own.

On the road, dirty car windows cause a lot of trouble and can even cause an accident. Especially the view of the road is difficult after a prolonged drought. A sudden rain will ensure the appearance of stable spots and dirty streaks on the windshields. Suddenly broken wipers and the lack of washing fluid greatly complicate the situation.

It is worth noting that with broken wipers, movement during the rain is strictly prohibited. It is necessary to wait until the rain stops, wash the glass, dry it and only then continue driving.

If there are no water sources nearby, then you can wash the glasses with Coca-Cola or any other soda. But you need to be careful with it, so that it does not damage the paint. Therefore, when pouring a drink on the glass, it is recommended to apply any rag to the body, the size is suitable for the width of the glass. Especially well the dirt is removed from a newly opened bottle of Coca-Cola. The gases contained in it speed up the laundering procedure.

Not particularly on the road helps the remedy “Anti-Rain” of low quality, from the purchase of which no one is insured. At first, it seems to be good, the drops quickly roll down. There is no need to turn on the wipers. But later, if there is a need to turn them on, there will be no problems, since the product leaves stable whitish streaks on the glass. Washing them off takes a lot of time and will require sufficient effort. It is better to add a few drops of detergent for dishes like Ferry to the washer.

As a glass washer, you can use a self-made liquid from a small amount of vodka with water, with the addition of detergent for washing dishes. Dirt is quickly and effectively removed from the windshield with wet sanitary napkins.

Dirty windscreen wipers will create more harm to the car than good. Scratches may appear on the glass. About 80 ml of alcohol added to 1 liter of cold water will solve the problem. It is necessary to soak a soft cloth or paper with this composition, lift the windscreen wipers and remove dirt from them. Before lowering them into place, they should be thoroughly dried with a clean cloth.

Folk wisdom – many motorists have noticed that excessive love for the cleanliness of the car leads to the opposite effect. The more you wash it, the more dirt sticks. How true this is, you can check experimentally:).

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