How to properly care for the brakes in the car?

Proper care of the braking system of the car will ensure complete safety of driving, and the car owner does not risk facing the need to repair the car.

One of the most important elements of a car is the brake system, the condition of which will directly depend on the safety of driving. A car owner needs to properly monitor the braking system by performing an inspection of the car and doing all service work. In this article, we will tell you how such work is done and how to properly care for the brakes and cash for scrap cars.

Timely repairs
Remember that you should not put off going to the service to fix existing malfunctions or ignore the symptoms of brake system breakdowns. In a critical situation with defective brakes we simply can not stop the car, which will lead to an accident.

Signs of a faulty brake system are a significant easing of the pedal stroke, as well as problems with deceleration of the car. The car owner should regularly check the brake fluid, which should be at the same level in the tank. If you notice any leakage, then it is necessary to immediately contact the service and fix the existing failure.

It is mandatory to perform replacement of pads and discs, if there is any extraneous knocking, squeaking or vibration on the steering wheel. This work is carried out at the mileage specified by the car manufacturer, or if there are any faults in the car.

Proper care of the brake system
Proper care of the brake system includes regular weekly checks of the brake fluid level. It is recommended that the brake fluid is always at the maximum level in the reservoir. Remember that such hydraulics should be replaced every 5 years.

It is also necessary to regularly check the remaining wear of the pads, and they should wear down evenly. The service life of these pads will vary from case to case, depending on your driving style.

It is necessary to timely inspect the cylinder for the absence of a jammed piston. If there are problems with its stroke, you should treat the working element with a special lubricant. If there are permanent problems with the brake cylinder, it is necessary to contact the service, disassemble the entire system and perform its diagnosis and repair.

It is necessary to monitor the current gap between the brake pad and the discs. If the existing gap begins to increase, this indicates the rapid wear of the pads and discs, which requires immediate intervention, diagnosis of existing failures and replacement of worn parts of the brake system.

The brake fluid must not contain air, which can be sucked in through micro-damage in the pipes. If there are the tiniest air bubbles in the brake fluid, it is necessary to pump the system or replace the hydraulic fluid. In such a case masters recommend to check tightness of all pipes, for what special equipment is used.

When pumping the system, a new brake fluid is poured, correctly starting such work from the right rear wheel. It is best to entrust the maintenance of the brake system to specialists who have extensive experience in working with a particular car.

To summarize.
By regularly inspecting and properly maintaining the braking system of the car, you can eliminate its serious breakdowns, and the car owner will be confident in the safety of driving his car. Also remember that such correct and timely inspection of elements of the brake system will significantly reduce the cost of operating the car, because critical breakdowns are prevented and the existing malfunctions can be eliminated immediately at their occurrence.

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