How often is it better to change the air filter in a car?

Often, car owners, when performing a car service, change oil, antifreeze or brake pads, but at the same time completely forget about the need to replace the air filter and cash for cars scarborough.
As a result, this leads to a loss of engine power, an increase in fuel consumption and critical engine breakdowns. At the same time, all such problems could be avoided by timely replacing the air filter. It is about how often you need to change the air filter that we will talk about in this article.

Purpose of the air filter
During engine operation, a fuel-air mixture is supplied to the combustion chamber, the quality of which will directly affect the absence of engine breakdowns. Huge volumes of air pass through the intake tract, which can contain abrasive substances that are dangerous for the engine and the gas distribution mechanism of pollution. To clean the air from small grains of sand and insects, the system has a special air filter. As the car is operated, such a filter becomes clogged, which leads to problems in the operation of the motor.

Engineers try to position the engine air intake in a less contaminated front end of the body. However, even this does not save you from the presence of small grains of sand in the air, which can mix with fuel and get into the cylinders, where they lead to scoring and other problems with the engine. Sand and other contaminants destroy valve seats, air meters, cylinder walls, piston rings and numerous sensors. To ensure proper motor operation, filter elements are required and should be replaced on a regular basis.

Replacing the air filter
Replacing the air filter in a car does not present any particular difficulty; every car owner can cope with such work, even if he does not have the appropriate experience. There is no need to drive the car to the service, all the work can be easily done on your own, saving on car maintenance.

Most automakers in the documentation for the cars indicate at what mileage an air filter replacement is required. The car owner should adhere to these recommendations, as well as take into account the cleanliness of the air in his city. Remember that the cost of air filters is not too high, while saving on their quality can lead to serious breakdowns, the elimination of which will cost a round sum.

Experts recommend changing the air filter every service, along with the engine oil. All that needs to be done is to purchase high-quality air filters, open the plastic case with the filter element, change it and fix the case with special latches. All the work will take a couple of minutes on the strength, while you will be completely sure that there are no contaminants in the engine, which appeared due to a clogged old filter.

Let’s sum up
To ensure the correct operation of the engine and the absence of its critical breakdowns, the power units have special air filters that should be changed as the car is operated. It is recommended to carry out such a service procedure at the same time as changing the engine oil, such work is not particularly difficult, therefore every car owner can handle them.

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